Cable Blood and Metal (1992) #1



Автор Fabian Nicieza
Художник John Romita Jr.
Видавництво Marvel
Мова англійська
Палітурка скоба
Кількість сторінок 52

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Cover pencils by John Romita Jr., inks by Dan Green. Cable – Blood and Metal Part 1, script by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by John Romita Jr., inks by Dan Green; In the past, the Six Pack are on a mission when they run up against Stryfe; In the present, Cable runs up against the MLF stealing ancient artifacts for Stryfe and tries to stop them; Bridge sends Kane to bring Cable in; Cable learns that Kane thinks he and Stryfe are one person since they have the same face; Origin of Six Pack (Name changes from Wild Pack); Death of Sumo; Cable discovers Stryfe’s face is his own. Cable pinup by John Romita Jr. 2 issue mini-series. 52 pgs. $2.50. Cover price $2.50.

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