Secret Wars Journal (2015) #1C



Автор Prudence Shen and Michael Rosenberg
Художник Ramon Bachs and Luca Pizzari
Видавництво Marvel
Мова англійська
Палітурка скоба
Кількість сторінок 28


Written by Prudence Shen and Michael Rosenberg. Art by Ramon Bachs and Luca Pizzari. Cover by John Tyler Christopher. Is LADY KATE of 1602 the nefarious HAWKEYE BANDIT who robs from the rich and gives to the poor? Can an enslaved band of MUTANTS in EGYPTIA overthrow their overlord, KHONSHU? Can YOU afford not to read the coolest, hippest, most continuity-important book in all of SECRET WARS??? Because this is TOTALLY THAT BOOK. But don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little Secret…Wars Journal. 28 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.99.

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